Yesterday evening I found a set of Google blog posts talking about web application acceptance testing which reflect Google experience through “Several years of experience across multiple project teams”.

This reflect lot of points I brought into our discussions either at Innoveo or Jobping; best practices, screen/page object, dev. language, recording/coding, BDD..

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The other day I posted about “Automated functional tests using Watin and MSpec” which we do at Jobping as a spike to automate our functional tests on our ASP.NET MVC 2 site.

Yesterday evening I was facing an issue in my base class WebBaseSpec which led to really strange side effects. Basically when I was running one unit test alone it was Green, running all or more than one unit test will fail miserably with the well known STA issue of Watin.

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We have updated our url shortener for Jobping. has moved along to Version 0.5. While maintaining as little features as possible!

Since the initial version we have placed a restriction(web.configurable) on the domain names that the shortener will shorten. We did this so only domains under would be processed by the shortener. We wanted to maintain the integrity of the domain. With this in place you can be sure that if you click a link shortened by  it will always go to our site site.

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