At Jobping and Innoveo we are using TeamCity from Jetbrains to automate our different builds.

Today I was asked by my colleague Roy the following interesting question “Can I rerun an old build?”

My first thought and question was, “do you have a tag for that old build?” The response was no. With a yes I would have proposed to use what I described in a previous post: Build and Deployment automation, VCS Root and Labeling in TeamCity. In which we could change the VCS Checkout rulesto point to that particular tag and run the build.

Then I searched the TeamCity online documentation and found about History Build which lead me to Run Custom Build Dialogwhich starts with the following:

To open the dialog:

  • Click ellipsis on the Run button

I am using for a long time TeamCity, and I can’t believe that I never pressed that part of that button!

Then you get access to the popup in which you can select an older build!

And run the build.
Which is interesting for example when you have some of your builds which are deploying your web applications and you want to come back to a last stable version.