I am just back from 2.5 months unpaid leave which I used to spend time with my family. So, I almost did not spend time with software development. One exception is that I wanted to be able to configure Visual Studio 2017 to be able to debug into ASP.NET Core 2.0 source code.
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I have been playing with all Docker tools for quite some time now! Started with the command line and all its commands like docker start, stop, ps, etc… Then I tried Kitematic and even compiled it from the source before it was supporting Windows! Then Docker Toolbox.
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Laurent Kempé

I am an experienced Team Leader & Senior Solutions Architect with a passion for shipping high-quality products by empowering development team and culture toward an agile mindset. I bring technical vision and strategy, leading engineering teams to move product, processes and architecture forward.

Team Leader, Senior Solutions Architect

Illzach, France