As you might have read on Didier’s blog or even on Innoveo’s blog I passed the ScrumMaster’s certification end of last year. Yeah I know I am late to post this ;-)

I must say that the course held  by Jimi Fosdick was interesting and brought me some new idea.

What is Scrum? (ScrumAlliance definition)

Scrum: A team-based framework to develop complex systems and products.

Scrum is an** iterative, incremental** framework for developing any product or managing any work. It allows teams to deliver a potentially shippable set of functionality every iteration, providing the agility needed to respond to rapidly changing requirements.

The Scrum framework constantly challenges its users to focus on improvement, and its Sprints provide the stability to address the ever-changing needs that occur in any project.

These characteristics have led to Scrum becoming the most popular method in the world of agile software development.

At Innoveo we are using Scrum to build up our product Skye®, a front end solution for insurances.

At Jobping we are also using Scrum in a distributed way to build up, our new job posting web site aimed specifically at job seekers and employers who work with Microsoft technologies.


I would like to thank Didier and Nick, first to give me the possibility to attend the ScrumMaster course and certification  and for all the interesting discussions we had on change management in an organization, Scrum, Agile, Software Engineering…

Certification was one thing, it was a step, having the possibility to live the framework in an organization is absolutely another thing which is made of lots of other steps.