Yesterday I got the new issue of MSDN Magazine in my mailbox and as often I started to go quickly around it to get an overview of what kind of subject’s it talks about. And as often I end up at the last page’s article which is the first I am reading.

This time David S. Platt is writing about “Fundamental Laws” which start like that

Whenever I find a program or Web site that sucks, it’s invariably because the developer or designer **forgot the user’s goals **and started embellishing the program for its own sake.

This reminded me a discussion I had a year and a half ago at Christmas time when my brother was back from Australia. We were discussing about what became Jobping.

And as you can read fom Jobping  press release, “Jobping launches niche job website listing Microsoft skilled vacancies”, it is one of our priority:

More features and functions based **on user feedback and requirements **will be implemented quickly as Jobping takes an organic and user oriented approach to product development.

From David

Your software has zero value in and of itself. Nothing. Nada. Zero point zero zero. The only value it ever has or ever will have is the degree to which it enhances the happiness of your user in some way

So when you develop software you’d better understand and listen to the problem of your users to delight them and enhance their happiness.