I am an experienced Team Leader & Distinguished Solution Architect with a passion for shipping high-quality products by empowering development teams and culture. I bring technical vision and strategy, leading engineering teams to move product, processes, and architecture forward.

Currently, employed by Innoveo since 1/2018 as a Team Leader & Distinguished Solution Architect, I focus on Innoveo Skye® Business Canvas, an application allowing non-business users to create multi-channel innovative insurance products for our web based Innoveo Skye® product. My past work has ranged from software engineering of web applications in different technologies to e-business platform infrastructure architecture.

I enjoy spending some of my free time in open source projects and personal side projects involving software architecture and engineering.
Like Git Diff Margin, which displays live Git changes of the currently edited file on Visual Studio margin and scroll bar.

I was the editor, founder, and primary contributor of Tech Head Brothers, a French portal about Microsoft .NET technologies, which I ran for almost 14 years!

Microsoft awarded me from Avril 2002 to April 2012: Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
And since August 2021, I got awarded again 😎!

I finally founded and managed two startups with my brother Mathieu and some friends; Jobping and WorkPlaces.