During the integration of ASP.NET Ajax RC on Tech Head Brothers I had issues with some javascript failing both in ASP.NET Ajax and Adsense. After a short online discussion with Cyril, he could manage to get a fix, and to identify the issue in the ASP.NET Ajax RC. You might read more about it on the forum, or on his french blog.

Adsense uses the native method Date.parse of JavaScript. ASP.NET Ajax RC overload this method changing a bit its behavior. Luckily the old method is saved in Date._jsParse. Using this code just before your first insert of the adsense script will solve the issue:

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I just connected to the site and saw the image changed from beta 2 to RC then I made a refresh of the page because the link to download was still saying Beta 2. So it seems that we will have access to this new release really soon…

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As you certainly know I you sometimes read my blog I am absolutely addicted to that tool and can’t work without it anymore in Visual Studio 2005.

So I am happy to announce that Jetbrains finally released ReSharper 2.5. This version is for Visual Studio 2005 only. So what’s new on this new version?

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I have a nx8220 notebook from HP. I was facing issues with the display drivers slowing down the whole machine. I still have some issues for example when I get the notebook off or put it on the docking station. The screen can’t switch resolution from external to notebook screen.

I checked HP drivers and I already have the up-to-date display drivers. I checked ATI website and there is no drivers for HP notebooks. But ATI got new desktop drivers. So searching a bit I found this tool:

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