Till now, we have seen two Dapr building blocks which are the service to service invocation building block and the secrets building block. The secret building block serves to protect things like a database connection string, an API key… so that they’re never disclosed outside of the application. The service to service invocation building block serves to make calls between services in your distributed application easy. In this post, we will introduce a third one which is the bindings building block. The bindings building block enables your distributed application to handle external events or invoke external services.

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In previous posts, we focused on Dapr service invocation using the HTTP protocol. Dapr, through its service invocation, can also reliably and securely communicate with other applications using gRPC. We will have a look at this other capability in this post.

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In my humble opinion it is definitely not a good idea! Why?

  1. It is brittle test because it depends to the CPU load of the machine running the test. Maybe it runs fine on your development machine, and will for sure from time to time fail on your build server because of the load on the server. Continue reading

Going to Vista

After several issues using Windows XP with ATI Drivers I decided to update to Vista my new professional notebook, a great HP nw 8440 with 4Gb memory :-). The update went as I thought, I was not able to reboot on Vista, after trying to fix it till 2AM with the tools on Vista DVD, it was without any luck and as I am not a real fan about updating OS, I decided to do a full install of Vista. So my dear friends of ecenter solutions, or what ever ;-), you will have to try yourself the update or to do another full installation. I see your face Bojan ;-)

To restore needed files from the old notebook installation I used Acronis True Image Workstation (offered by Acronis, Thanks). And I have to say that I really liked the way to mount an image and browse the file as read only. A great tool.

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