Groove 3.0 update

I am having an issue with my groove pro accounts. I reported that to groove supprt and till that time I am waiting that they fix the issue. This evening I just made a check update from the groove interface and know it is downloading. I really hope that thiw update will fix my issue cause I can’t work with my pro data since 2 weeks. More to come when the update is finished.

Update: I still get the same error after installing the update. I am so :-( Going to bed…

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I needed to create a virtual directory in IIS 6 during the deployment of one of our backend application on a Windows 2003 server. This application is a COM component written in C++ that I developed wrapping a very old VB6 COM component. The whole exposed as a Web Service using the SOAP Toolkit 3. I already discussed about it here.

So I created a script that will register both COM component, by the way regsvr32 is really bad cause it doesn’t return different value if it fails. Right now I have no verification in the script that let me know if the registration went well. I plan to add it in a second step by reading the content of the registry using the reg command. The script is using the SOAPVDIR.CMD packaged with the SOAP Toolkit 3 to create the Virtual Directory with the soap ISAPI of the SOAP Toolkit 3:

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Rewards :-)


Hey I’ve got some rewards from the Synop team developing the famous Sauce Reader blog tool. Thanks guys :-)

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I’ve got this late afternoon a popup saying that release 1.6 is out. So I updated my favorite blog tools. I will test soon the image uploading tool that i just configured. And now posting to a .Text blog is working without issue and kind of update of already posted message (erase, post). So cool.
Nice to see that such a company is hiring, a bit far, but who knows.

Sauce Reader v1.6 (BETA) released

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Interesting description of a 100% Managed Wizard Framework from Patterns & Practices by Daniel Cazzuline: “The Shadowfax Visual Studio Wizards are built on top of a managed framework for constructing wizards automatically from configuration files. When the source code for the wizards is released, you’ll see that there’s minimum code in them, mostly for those parts of the wizard that actually need to modify information on the current solution, called Commands. The whole wizard UI is built from the configuration file.”

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