I’ve got this late afternoon a popup saying that release 1.6 is out. So I updated my favorite blog tools. I will test soon the image uploading tool that i just configured. And now posting to a .Text blog is working without issue and kind of update of already posted message (erase, post). So cool.
Nice to see that such a company is hiring, a bit far, but who knows.

Sauce Reader v1.6 (BETA) released

Sauce Reader v1.6 is now available for download. Major changes and improvements in this version include:

  • Image uploading support in the weblog editor.
  • Currently playing support in the weblog editor.
  • Major improvements to weblog editor support and stability, particularly .Text and WordPress.
  • Huge number of crash bug fixes based on automatic report feedback.
> > A special thank you to all users who took the time to submit crash or bug reports. These are problems we could never find without your ongoing support through an extensive beta period. As a result, this is the most stable version of Sauce Reader ever. Please keep the feedback coming! > > PS: Synop is [currently hiring](http://www.synop.com/Company/Jobs/) (Business Development Manager, Software Engineer) in Australia.