In the past in my team, we were storing the Telerik assemblies into our SVN repository then in Git! I wasn’t happy about that for a really long time. Each releases our repository was growing much more than it was needed for nothing!

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Patrick just announced on his blog the launch of the new NDepend v3. It is still in beta but very stable. I am testing it for a month now and enjoy very much it’s integration in Visual Studio 2008. I was using it and will continue to use it in our continuous integration server, TeamCity. But getting feedback right out of the developer environment is a very interesting feature.

Read more on Patrick’s blog post, “NDepend v3 is now 100% integrated in Visual Studio

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Since some time I have the current scenario where I need to have conditional reference in a project. Basically the application must reference an assembly in one case in other it should reference another one. This was working correctly from an MSBuild point of view as the first implemented solution let me compile and run the application on my development machine and it was also working for our TeamCity build server. So everything was fine in this perfect word expect one thing!

The issue was the following; Visual Studio was showing two references of the ‘same assembly’ with different path. Not really an issue you would say because the correct one was used at compile time and at run time in all configurations. So the issue was that this had an impact of ReSharper. And this is I cannot accept because it affect my productivity.

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