First project about Team System is a book that I started with my friend
. We had a first contact with one editor and were disapointed a bit
because we were told that there is no ‘market’ for such a book. I really think
that there is, because Team System is an awesome tool. Nevermind we will
continue to search an editor. By the way if you are interested, please feel free
to contact me. One side
note, the book will be written in French.

The second project with my brother Mathieu is to
update our website Tech Head
to use ASP.NET 2. Currently Mathieu
is located in Sydney, Australia and will soon move to Perth, Australia because
he found a new job there. So to work on such condition we need really good tools
to communicate, Groove Virtual
, Skype and MSN
. Ok with those tools we can have in real time discussions, share
idea, even share documents in online/offline mode. But we missed a Software
Development Lifecycle Tool (SDLC). At the time of the website version written in
ASP.NET 1.0/1.1, we had tried several solutions from Visual SourceSafe over
Internet, over VPN, then we moved to CVS because it was too slow. We also had Draco.NET

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