That’s it!!! I decided to open the code of the second release of my authoring/publishing tool used on Tech Head Brothers portal.

You might read more about the new version here:

  • [Yeah!!! :-) Publications are working](/lkempe/archive/2006/03/18/440548.aspx)
  • [New milestone reached in Tech Head Brothers publishing tool](/lkempe/archive/2006/04/09/442350.aspx)

And about the first release here:

  • [:-) First publication of an article from Word 2003 on Tech Head Brothers :-)](/lkempe/archive/2005/01/25/360227.aspx)
  • [First publication from Word 2003 on Tech Head Brothers using WSE](/lkempe/archive/2004/12/08/278540.aspx)
  • [WS-Policy, WS-Security, WSE 2.0 SP1 and Word 2003 Publishing tool](/lkempe/archive/2004/11/03/251422.aspx)
  • [Visual Studio Office Tools and Word 2003 using deserialization, nightmare end](/lkempe/archive/2004/08/28/221967.aspx)
  • [New milestone reached in the development of the authoring tool for Tech Head Brothers French portal](/lkempe/archive/2004/08/23/219122.aspx)

The project is hosted on CodePlex, an online software development environment for open and shared source developers to create, host and manage projects throughout the project lifecycle. It has been written from the ground up in C# using .NET 2.0 technology with Team Foundation Server on the back end. CodePlex is open to the public free of charge.

It is a work in progress and I will need some time to cleanup the solution before making the first checkin of the source code, but it will come.

The project is called Tech Head Brothers Authoring and it is hosted on this page.