The other day I wanted to send per email some code to a friend which doesn’t use Git. He is using Svn and I use Git Svn in front of this Svn repository. Why I do that? Don’t get me started…

So he couldn’t pull from my repo and we were kind of stuck. Really?!? For sure not, here was the goal I set as I am sure this will happen some other time: having the computer work for me. What a strange idea you would say! Yeah, the computer working for you. At the end aren’t we here to make the cool things and let the computer do the boring things?

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Sometime ago I moved “away” from subversion has my Version Control System (VCS) because I felt not free of my way of working with it. I found a great was to improve my work experience by using Git Svn in front of our central Subversion repository.

I started my experimentation with Mercurial and Hg Svn because I was already using Mercurial for my personal projects. I hit some much the wall with Hg Svn that I decided quite quickly to go and try Git Svn. I had no experience with Git at that time and I had the feeling that it was more complex to handle than Mercurial (which I still think).

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