In my humble opinion it is definitely not a good idea! Why?

  1. It is brittle test because it depends to the CPU load of the machine running the test. Maybe it runs fine on your development machine, and will for sure from time to time fail on your build server because of the load on the server. Continue reading

The other day I wanted to send per email some code to a friend which doesn’t use Git. He is using Svn and I use Git Svn in front of this Svn repository. Why I do that? Don’t get me started…

So he couldn’t pull from my repo and we were kind of stuck. Really?!? For sure not, here was the goal I set as I am sure this will happen some other time: having the computer work for me. What a strange idea you would say! Yeah, the computer working for you. At the end aren’t we here to make the cool things and let the computer do the boring things?

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