In place of writing something like:

protected string GetUrl(Information info)
if (info is News)
return ResolveUrl(string.Format(/news.aspx/{0}”, info.NormalizedTitle));
else if (info is Publication)
return ResolveUrl(string.Format(“/publications.aspx/{0}”, info.NormalizedTitle));
return string.Empty;

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I set out to change that. Companies would no longer be able to select me from a generic lineup of candidates. Instead, I would select companies. Companies that I respected, companies that shared my passion for software. Armed with thirty years of hindsight, I would no longer let random, chance opportunities determine my career path. I will choose where I want to work.

If you love software as much as I do, you deserve to work at a company where people come to work not to punch a clock, but because they love software, too. You deserve to work at a company where software engineering is respected. You deserve to work at a company where peers meet to enjoy building software together.*

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Tonight I reached a new milestone on my current development for my portal Tech Head Brothers.

You might know, or guessed, from one of my last post; “Tech Head Brothers Silverlight Streaming framework“ that I am working on adding Silverlight Streaming to Tech Head Brothers. I first released a little framework to ease the development against the REST API of Silverlight Streaming. Now I went further on with a first vertical slice of the whole solution.

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Tech Head Brothers Silverlight Streaming framework is an implementation of Silverlight Streaming REST API as a class library and a set of Workflow Foundation activities focused on the Hosting Content on Silverlight Streaming.

I have implemented this light framework (some functionality are still missing) as a class library and Patrice Lamarche ( implemented the Workflow Foundation part of it.

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I guess you already had the following problem; you want to delete a folder or a file and the operating system just tell you that it is impossible because one application locks it. For sure you have no clue which is the bad application doing it!

In the past I was using a little application (which I can’t remember the name) but I tend to remove tools from my system if another can achieve the same result. Now to do that I use Process Explorer from Windows Sysinternals, this tool replace my Task Manager and add lots of features.

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