In the following video I present the different features of the new authoring tool for my portal Tech Head Brothers.

First you will see the use of ClickOnce.aspx) to enable easy installation on the author computer. This will also allow an easy update scenario. A great plus compared to the past.

Then you will see the Word 2007 template using to author the content of an article. It shows:

  1. Definition of the Title
  2. Definition of the Description
  3. Definition of the Keywords
  4. Writing of the content of a section of content with bold, italic, list, hyperlink
  5. Adding some sample code directly copied from Visual Studio 2008
  6. Inserting sample code in a zip
  7. Adding a picture captured using SnagIt yo the article
  8. Offline preview in Internet Explorer
  9. Posting to the Tech Head Brothers web site with Tags selection
  10. Online preview of the posted content

Enjoy the video! (Without sound, I couldn’t find a micro at home :()