I go crazy with a stupid error!

I try to have my web deployment project use the property MSBuildProjectDirectory like this:

<Target Name=”NDepend“>
Text=”#——— Executing NDepend ———#Importance=”normal“/>
Text=”NDepend ProjectFilePath: $(NDependProjectFilePath)Importance=”normal“/>
Text=”NDepend OutDir: $(NDpendOutputDir)Importance=”normal“/>
OutDir=”$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)....\Tests\Output\NDependOut“ />


And with Visual Studio 2008 I have the following error:

Error 1 The NDepend project file T:_Projects_handsup\Portal_HandsUP\Deployment\TechHeadBrothers.Portal.csproj_deploy....\Tests\NDepend\TechHeadBrothers.Portal.xml can’t be found.

So I am getting the correct folder but the filename of the project file too. Weird.

In the documentation there are saying that


The absolute path of the directory where the project file is located, for example, C:\MyCompany\MyProduct.

By I am getting


The absolute path and complete file name of the project file, for example, C:\MyCompany\MyProduct\MyApp.proj

Any idea would be greatly appreciated!

Update: In fact I mixed two things folder and files. TechHeadBrothers.Portal.csproj_deploy is a folder and I thought it was a file :-( too bad

Now the second issue is that there is a bug in NDepend MSBuild task that I communicated to Patrick (the author) and he fixed and I could test it. It will be released next week. I will post about my integration of NDepend with Team City soon.