It is with a **tremendous pleasure **that we launched with my brother Mathieu the new version of Tech Head Brothers portal. It has been a long journey, but finally it is online and currently received a positive response.

Who are we?

I am editor, founder, and still primary contributor of Tech Head Brothers. I started the project in 2001.

Mathieu is editor, and primary contributor and joined me in 2002.

We are both Microsoft MVP (Laurent ASP/ASP.NET, Mathieu Visual C#) and I think we are the only brothers distinguished by Microsoft.

The authors

I would like to THANK all the authors on the portal for there dedication and enormous work. Without you guys the site would not exists. So thanks to the 17 authors: Kader Yildirim, **Jérome Andureu, David Catuhe, Pierre Lagarde, Nicolas Torrent, Frédéric Colin, Mitsuru Furuta, Grégory Renard, Renaud Harduin, Michel Perfetti, Aurelien Verla, Frédéric Mélantois, Valentin Billotte, Laurent Duveau, Sébastien Pertus, Hervé Tinant, James Ravaille**.

The project

One difficulty about this project is that I am living in the east of France and Mathieu is living in Sydney, Australia. Thanks to Team System this project was possible.

We started the project beginning of this year and what was planned as a redesign ended up in a full rewrite.


It is developed as a 3 tiers web application using ASP.NET 2 in C# 2. It extensively uses Web Parts, XML, XSLT, and secured Web Services.

We used a Domain Driven Design approach during the development of the project.

The persistence layer used is Evaluant Universal Storage Services (Euss), a persistence framework in which I was involved as first external user and provided lots of technical, architectural and design feedbacks (see Sébastien post). The framework is now open source and I really recommend you to have a look to it. I am a fan of it and will post soon about it.

We developed the authoring tool using VSTO 2005 and opened the source code which you can find on Codeplex on this page, Tech Head Brothers Authoring. The news part of the portal uses a metablog system to post text and graphics content directly using a blog tool like Live Writer.


I would like to thank first Ed Daniel, which hosted the portal for so many years now. Do not change anything Ed, you are a great person, and I am proud to count in your friends.

Thanks to Lucas Riedberger from Microsoft France, for being a supporter since the beginning of Tech Head. He is the guy that had the idea to add Brothers at the end of Tech Head Brothers.

Thanks to Sébastien Ros**, Nicolas Chabrier, Nicolas Torrent, Sébastien Serveaux, Fabien Reinle and Hoareau Carole **of Evaluant for there support with the Team System hosting and the help they provided us with Euss.

And finally, Thanks flies to **Laurent Maurel **of Asp Serveur for hosting Tech Head Brothers on there servers.