OK I fixed my main issue. I wasn’t able to have my plugin loaded by Jetbrains Omea, and it seems that it is linked with the .NET Framework 2.0 that I use in my plugin, even if Omea Reader is running using .NET Framework 2.0 somehow it can’t verify the plugin.

I had to install MSBee so I don’t need to install VS 03 again. And now back to the old days of command line I have to compile using such a command:

msbuild BlogThisUsingWriterPlugin.csproj /t:Rebuild /p:TargetFX1_1=true

After modifying my csproj MSBuild file to use MSBee

So this is how it look likes in Omea Reader

And the result in Windows Live Writer:

Not bad.

That will be my second plugin for Live Writer and it will be also on Codeplex in Windows Live Writer Plugins project.

Thanks to Christopher Frazier for the kind help compiling my project on VS 03.

Ok it is 2:01 AM, time to go to bed.