I am using Git for many, many years. I am a big fan of it. How could that be different when you had to use versioning systems like CVS, SVN… I even took influence so that the whole company I work for migrates to it.

Over the years, I have used different Git clients, tried to work only from my IDE without much liking it.

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I have been playing with all Docker tools for quite some time now! Started with the command line and all its commands like docker start, stop, ps, etc… Then I tried Kitematic and even compiled it from the source before it was supporting Windows! Then Docker Toolbox.

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I updated to Windows 8.1 RTM a week ago and since that time I had the issue that AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk was not running but even worse I could not uninstall it because the uninstaller was saying that it was the wrong version of the operating system!
I was using it on Windows 8, it was working great on it but after the update it wasn’t anymore.

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Laurent Kempé

I am an experienced Team Leader & Distinguished Solution Architect with a passion for shipping high-quality products by empowering development team and culture toward an agile mindset. I bring technical vision and strategy, leading engineering teams to move product, processes and architecture forward.

Team Leader, Distinguished Solutions Architect

Illzach, France