I already talked about the way we are testing our web application at Jobping in the following posts “ASP.NET MVC 2, MSpec and Watin ” and ”Automated functional tests using Watin and MSpec”.

The other day I landed on the DZone page “Automated Browser Testing: What’s in Your Toolkit?” In the list of around 10 tools I knew some of them but there were 3 I didn’t knew. So I decided to go on and read about those 3. In this list there were Sahi which got me with those three sentences:

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Yesterday evening I found a set of Google blog posts talking about web application acceptance testing which reflect Google experience through “Several years of experience across multiple project teams”.

This reflect lot of points I brought into our discussions either at Innoveo or Jobping; best practices, screen/page object, dev. language, recording/coding, BDD..

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