During the integration of ASP.NET Ajax RC on Tech Head Brothers I had issues with some javascript failing both in ASP.NET Ajax and Adsense. After a short online discussion with Cyril, he could manage to get a fix, and to identify the issue in the ASP.NET Ajax RC. You might read more about it on the forum, or on his french blog.

Adsense uses the native method Date.parse of JavaScript. ASP.NET Ajax RC overload this method changing a bit its behavior. Luckily the old method is saved in Date._jsParse. Using this code just before your first insert of the adsense script will solve the issue:

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I just connected to the site and saw the image changed from beta 2 to RC then I made a refresh of the page because the link to download was still saying Beta 2. So it seems that we will have access to this new release really soon…

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If you read my post about Flicker Fix that was included and removed from the first distribution of CSS friendly control adapters beta you might have heard that it created a security hole.

Having a handler or other reading a file that you might specify the path in a parameter is a really really bad idea. It lets for example read possibility to your web.config file to anybody just browsing your site. If your connection string to the db is in clear then… too bad.

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This morning I was able to integrate Atlas in the new release under development of Tech Head Brothers. In less than a hour I had an UpdatePanel in the page that describes the differents authors of the site. Now when you click on the picture of an author the biography is shown without the full post back. And it is really really easy. I am also adding a tab to show all publication of the auhtor.

Congratulations to the Atlas Team!!! Great work.

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