Today, my friend Didier finally pushed his post about Netflix on his blog, Corporate Culture: unusual Netflix example. Some time ago, quite some time ago, he sent me the presentation about Netflix, which had a big impact on me! I liked very much the idea !

Netflix thinks that “as they grow, they have to minimize rules”. Different approach as what we all know, experience, read. And … Netflix is definitely not a startup anymore! I would like to share with you a document from Netflix I found on SlideShare about their culture and some quite innovative management ideas they have put in place. Feed for thoughts ;-)

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Following my post about Application Acceptance Testing, we went, beginning of that week, in some very interesting discussions during a meeting at Innoveo in which I presented the differences between Mock and Stub in Unit Test. After the meeting as I often do I gather up from the web some posts which expressed in more details what I was talking about and made some extract of the posts.

This time I found some interesting content follow-up on my explanations on the site of Rhino.Mock framework website and a post from Martin Fowler; Mock’s aren’t Stubs

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Yesterday evening I found a set of Google blog posts talking about web application acceptance testing which reflect Google experience through “Several years of experience across multiple project teams”.

This reflect lot of points I brought into our discussions either at Innoveo or Jobping; best practices, screen/page object, dev. language, recording/coding, BDD..

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