At Innoveo Solutions we are using .NET and WPF for our Innoveo Skye® Editor application. Skye® Editor is a distribution channel editor targeting business people letting them edit and configure their insurance products.

From the beginning we have adopted the Model-View-ViewModel architecture. Having our solution growing we were facing the issue of having our ViewModels dependency growing too. Some ViewModel became too much dependent of others. This was obvious in our unit tests whose complexity to setup were growing too. It was time to find a solution to decouple the ViewModels.

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As part of the Jetbrains Academy I am using/testing ReSharper 5 for around a month now. It is quite stable for a pre-release and I have lots of fun using it, and as always a productivity boost. Some of my preferred features are: External Sources, ASP.NET MVC integration, Solution-Wide Warnings and Suggestions, Upgrade-to-LINQ Actions. Till now I wasn’t able to test the Native NUnit Support, but this is definitely something I will test in the near future.

Jetbrains just posted on their blog ReSharper 5.0 Overview, check it out:

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