This announcement from Scott sounds really cool:

We will also shortly begin sharing details of a new web application deployment framework for IIS that enables you to easily automate the deployment of web applications on either a single server or across a web farm of machines.  It will make it easy to version your web applications (including allowing you to quickly roll back to previous versions), as well as automatically provision them across multiple servers.  It also enables the full automation of deployment tasks (including via both command-line and PowerShell scripting APIs).  The combination of IIS7 with this web deployment framework will enable you to deploy and scale your ASP.NET server applications better than ever before.

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I started yesterday the migration of Tech Head Brothers portal to .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008.

The automatic migration of the solution went straight without any error. During the process I was asked if I want to now target .NET Framework 3.5, replying yes seems not to have changed all things needed, for example in the solution properties I had to do the change manually, but it seems that the web.config was updated correctly.

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