I started to migrate the Tech Head Brothers authoring tool and portal from Web Service Enhancement 3 (WSE 3) to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). This is a next step in the integration of .NET Framework 3 in Tech Head Brothers portal.

Till today I was using WSE 3 from the Word VSTO solution to securely publish content to the portal directly out of Word 2003/2007.

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Nice :-) !!! First I was MVP now I am also VIB.

Two weeks ago I got an email from Microsoft to invite me to the Mix in Paris. This email was starting with the following “[Invitation presse/VIB]“, I had absolutely no clue what VIB was for, and as I was not someone from the press, I supposed I was a VIB. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the Mix 2007 in Paris.

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ASP.NET Pageflow

I don’t get it!!! I thought that pageflow will be soon integrated into ASP.NET directly! When will it be and in which form ?

It turned out that the code we showed at TechEd wasn’t going to end up in any of the product releases, so the dev team requested permission to release that code as a sample of how one can implement a generic navigation framework using WF that can support multiple UI technologies (i.e. ASP.NET and WPF). 

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