You will finally think that I get some money from Synop to advertise Sauce Reader like that. It is not the case I just find the tool awesome !!! So here are the major changes and improvements in this version include:

  • Sauce Reader toolbar available in Internet Explorer: I am posting this blog entry with that toolbar, really cool

    Significant speed, storage and memory improvements: oh yeah that the case
    Desktop alert when new feed items arrive: nice, cool and not intrusive
    Complete customisation of keyboard shortcuts: another usefull feature
    Support for authenticated feeds and proxy servers: i will be updated at work now :-)
    Improved automatic update and error reporting mechanisms: worked fined for the update from the alpha to the final beta
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On the JetBrain‘s Resharper changes page it is written:

Build 84

  • Documentation summary is shown in completion list and in Parameter Info (Ctrl+P)
  • Code completion for symbol references in doc-comments
  • Option to switch between VS icons and own ReSharper icons for symbols
  • Code style options for modifier keywords order and use of explicit private/internal modifier (and Reformat Code can reorder modifiers)
  • A secret feature, many of you will see it in the next few days :-)
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I refactored quit a lot of code on my site Tech Head Brothers this week and went to bed late (around 1:30 AM each day). But now it is running better and faster. I removed the rendering to Pdf using NFop of the articles because it works locally on my TEST server but not on the PROD one.

One of the speed improvement is due to the complete reimplementation of a user control that download a RSS to publishnews on my site. The issue with the previous method was that the cache was buggy. Now what I am doing is to to use two values in cache, one is the RSS document (a XML document as a string) and that one never expire:

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As you know if you read my blog I am using Sauce Reader from Synop to publish on my blog. It is a great tool, even if it needs some more work. They are really active in development and fixing issues that users are reporting. One thing I was missing on the publishing part was a way to simply add a picture to my blog. I had to start SmartFTP (btw a nice tool also) just to upload several pictures.

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Yesterday, my friend Ed Daniel, forwarded me a link to this article: The Great .NET Identity Crisis from Graham Parker.

I have to say that really liked the article (this is why I blog about it), but I would have replaced “The role of the developer today is about adding value to the business” by “The role of the developer today is about adding value to the business”. It was always the case.

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