I finally managed to have my Addins in Visual Studio .NET 2003 working again, with reinstallation of it and then running a repair.

Then I installed ReSharper 0.81; I am part of the Early Access Program, and worked with it for a couple of hours. There is much more features then the older version I tried, and for the moment I am happy with it. It brings lots of added value that will be present in Whidbey in Visual Studio .NET 2003.

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After my last post about Sauce Reader I was asked by Gavin Joyce how to configure it to post on .Text blog. So from the menu Tools click on Weblog Accounts, a dialog popup, click on the button Add then fill in like on the following picture picture. Change RPC Path with your path and for sure username and password with yours. Thats it :-)!

Remark: You should read in the RPC Path /lkempe/services/metablogapi.aspx !!!

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I have almost tested all blog aggregators running under Windows that I could find on the Internet. The one I was most convinced was SharpReader but this has changed!!! Now I use Sauce Reader 1.4.1 and I have to say that I am fully convinced about it. The plus is that now it is able to post on .Text from Scott Watermasysk. This message was written using Sauce Reader. What a like most:

After all servers problems from the last days, now I have an issue with IIS 5 on my notebook. I am currently working on a project for one of our subsidiaries in which we have to integrate a backend calculator application. In that project I have to restart IIS with the command iisreset to be able to compile my code and to deploy it, otherwise my dll is locked by IIS. I did it for sometime, and today I worked on the project and when I decided to restart IIS then I get an error message: “No such interface supported“. What the hell is this? Come on I need to work. I searched a couple of hours on the web trying different things then I end up uninstalling IIS from my machine rebooting and manually deleting files that where lying on my hard drive. Then after the 128th reboot of the last two weeks I reinstalled it and it worked. :-) :-) :-)

Now for the really cool thing (there is always blue sky after a storm ;) I found a weblog entry by Steven M. Cohn: Multiple IIS Virtual Servers on XP Pro. I really encourage you to read it if you develop ASP.NET websites on Windows XP Pro. Now I have multiple IIS virtual servers running on my notebook and I can switch from one to the other. Awesome.

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Blogging Tools

I have tried several tools to read blogs and to publish on mine, I wanted to have one that combines all.

  • Newsgator
  • Newzcrawler
  • RSS Bandit
  • Sharpreader
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In the last blog I was talking about the end of two weeks of hell (End of two weeks of hell). I thought it was the end but it starts again this week :-(

I tried to install a new Windows 2003 Standard Server. The installation works ok. Then I use Windows Update to apply the 14 needed critical updates. Then the bad things starts. It can install 4 patches but 10 failed. Then it ask me to restart the server. And at reboot I get an error message:

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As reported by Didier here. We had the chance last thursday evening to meet Mr Gordon Simpson, deputy CTO of BEA Systems.

We discussed very intensively different themes, as:

  • the mid-term vision and positioning of [IBM Web Sphere](http://weblogs.asp.net/lkempe/admin/www.ibm.com/software/info1/websphere/index.jsp), [BEA Web Logic](http://www.bea.com/framework.jsp?CNT=index.htm&FP=/content/products/platform/) and the [Microsoft .NET](http://msdn.microsoft.com/netframework/) solutions
  • the current standardization processes ([J2EE](http://java.sun.com/j2ee/), Java, etc.) in comparison with other ones, not so successful (CORBA specs)
  • the future of SUN (HW, Java)
  • the strategy of BEA concerning Linux
  • [UDDI](http://www.uddi.org/): hype or market standard?
  • offline solution and caching
  • [SOA](http://www.service-architecture.com/web-services/articles/service-oriented_architecture_soa_definition.html) on IBM mainframes Continue reading
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