Finishing this week sprint I decided to inspect some code using ReSharper 6.1 EAP and I started to give ReSharper a chance to help me find some of broken code.

When I started I had some of the following inspection results. It is clearly showing that some properties wasn’t identified as used in a WPF binding.

So ReSharper proposed to make the property private which for sure was not ok for me has I knew it was used.

Some time ago I started to assign some design DataContext to be able to navigate from View to my ViewModel just by pressing Go to Declaration (CTRL-B in IDEA scheme) in ReSharper.

<UserControl x:Class="skyeEditor.View.StatusBarView"
             d:DataContext="{d:DesignInstance Type=ViewModel:StatusBarViewModel}">

This for sure helps ReSharper code inspection as you can see on the following screenshot

Now I can navigate from View to ViewModel, can avoid to have developer deleting properties that are sued in XAML bindings, but I can also get an idea of where a ViewModel property is used by using ReSharper Find Usage (Alt-F7). I see right away that the StatusBarView.xaml is using the property ShowActivityProgress.

So don’t forget to add the d:DataContext into your XAML !