As said when we launched Jobping Open Source Short Urls Service, we at Jobping are committed to open source.

So last week we announced  StickyBeak, you might read more on the blog of Mark - Introduction to StickyBeak

StickyBeak is a logging tool for websites which logs information such as date, http method, url, User.Identity.Name, IP Address, unique session Id, unique browser Id, header values, querystring values, posted form values and cookie values for every request.

Here is a screenshot of the administration page,which lets you see the logged activity on your site.

StickyBeak is a complementary tool to the excellent elmah from Atif Aziz

We are using elmah on Jobping to log exceptions that might happen on the site, but we also wanted a raw record of each request made to our site, to make our troubleshooting life easier.

You can download the source and binaries from StickyBeak on CodePlex.