I am pleased to announce that I was invited to join JetBrains Development Academy and accepted the invitation.


If you read this blog I guess you already know that I am a big fan of their development tools, especially ReSharper and Team City which make my daily job easier and more productive.

About JetBrains Development Academy:

Mission Statement

The JetBrains Development Academy fosters a community of experts and evangelists to champion best development practices and promote software innovation worldwide. The Academy serves as a connection point for developers who strive to adopt top methodologies and use JetBrains products to help them achieve that goal.


Members of the Academy are recognized experts in various areas of software development. They contribute to Java and .NET communities by advocating best development practices through formal and informal publications and meetings, and serve as a versatile source of expertise.

Community Benefits
  • Increased awareness of and adherence to best development practices
  • New channels for community involvement and exchange
  • Access to know-how from JetBrains insiders and outside experts
  • Accelerated innovation and enhanced product quality for end users
  • Opportunities for growth on personal, organization and community levels

You can find more about my posts on ReSharper on this page and about Team City on that one.