Next month I will attend with my colleague Robert the “WPF FOR LOB” training Tour in London (5/15 -5/16). Our flights and hotel rooms are already booked. We fly from Zurich to London Heathrow on Thursday 14 Mai arriving at 20:15 in London and I fly back to Mulhouse on Saturday evening.

We will be at the conference hotel Radisson Edwardian Heathrow Hotel, where the training take place.

Jaime Rodriquez and Karl Shifflett have been organizing a “WPF FOR LOB” to provide 2 days of free WPF training for developers.

This two day training is designed to teach developers how to create Line of Business (LOB) applications using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

  • Day One is an introduction to the WPF graphics subsystem, the tools used to build WPF applications, and the core UI services: styling, data binding, templating, layout and input-
  • The second day begins with interop (Windows Forms and Win32) and then quickly dives into LOB topics, including building applications using the Model-View-ViewModel pattern, creating unit testable applications, implementing data validation, and error handling.

After completion, attendees will have a solid understanding of WPF, its advantages over other Microsoft UI platforms, and how to use the M-V-VM pattern to create great WPF LOB applications.

Detailed Agenda

  • Day One:

    • Lap Around WPF
    • WPF Tools ( Blend, Visual Studio 2008)
    • Graphics Subsystem
    • Layout
    • WPF Fundamentals and new concepts

    • Application Model

    • Dependency Properties
    • Trees (logical & visual)
    • Events
    • Threading
    • Resources
    • Controls
    • Styling
    • Templating
    • Q&A with instructors at end of day
  • Day Two:
    • WPF integration with Win32 and Windows Forms
    • Data binding
    • Introduction to Model-View-ViewModel
    • Commanding in M-V-VM
    • Views, Navigation and Transitions
    • Data Validation
    • Error handling, Model dialogs, Logging
    • Unit Testing
    • MVVM & LOB tips and tricks
    • Q&A with the instructors

Read more here.

And the best of all is that it is absolutely Free.