I just updated the source code of my Tech Head Brothers Authoring tool on Codeplex.

Now it uses Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) in place of WSE 3.0 and Word 2007.

Tech Head Brothers Authoring Tool is a content authoring tool based on Word 2007, VSTO 2005se, XML, XSLT and Web Services (WCF).
It permits offline content authoring and pre-visualization then online publishing to the French portal Tech Head Brothers - http://www.techheadbrothers.com.
Currently the tool let the author:

  • Choose images to insert using a Document Action Pane Copy source code from Visual Studio and paste it into Word 2007, generating an external source code colorized XHTML file using Colin Coller CopySourceAsHtml http://www.jtleigh.com/people/colin/software/CopySourceAsHtml/ Have a local disconnected preview of there publication rendering through a XSLT rendering Post there content on the website using Web Services