Since the beginning of this week I wasn’t able to search anymore in Outlook and has I am using this a lot I was really pissed off.

I finally found an explanation in one of the Microsoft Forum:

Jake, you may have been hitting a known Office 2003/2007 setup issue.  If you install any Office 2003 component after installing Office 2007, Outlook 2007 Instant Seaerch stops working.  You’d have to repair your Office 2007 installation to repair the issue.

 I did installed Word 2003 because otherwise I couldn’t work on my Tech Head Brothers authoring tool that is using VSTO 2005. So I had no choice than to install Word 2003. Even if my tool is working in Word 2007, I can’t load the solution in Visual Studio 2005 without having Word 2003 installed. What are you doing guys? It is a real pain.

I am now trying to repair my Office 2007 as recommended… and bingo :-(


What should I do now ? :-( 1:23 AM I go to bed that stuff really suck!