As you certainly know I you sometimes read my blog I am absolutely addicted to that tool and can’t work without it anymore in Visual Studio 2005.

So I am happy to announce that Jetbrains finally released ReSharper 2.5. This version is for Visual Studio 2005 only. So what’s new on this new version?

Main focus was on the improvement of performance; faster installation and startup, faster typing (including auto-popup on Code Completions), plus speedups for code formatting, error highlighting, Live Templates, parameter info, and more.

For sure they also added some new stuff like Navigate from here, Enable/Disable Context Actions, Go To File Member, an improved find results view, Analyze Null References.

But wait!!! You are using VB? hey Wygwam guys ;) They now support VB

ReSharper now recognizes VB code in your project and extends the following features to it:

  • All navigation and search features
  • Matching brace highlighting
  • Ctrl + W (Expand selection)
  • Ctrl + Q (Quick Documentation Lookup)
  • Parameter info (no autopopup, works only by Ctrl + P)
  • Identifier highlighting
  • Also, when you apply refactorings to C# code, ReSharper warns you if VB usages need to be updated
  • I guess the refactoring will also come soon.

    And the best for the end the upgrade is free for all users of Resharper.

    Don’t wait, download it here, and try it.