I have a nx8220 notebook from HP. I was facing issues with the display drivers slowing down the whole machine. I still have some issues for example when I get the notebook off or put it on the docking station. The screen can’t switch resolution from external to notebook screen.

I checked HP drivers and I already have the up-to-date display drivers. I checked ATI website and there is no drivers for HP notebooks. But ATI got new desktop drivers. So searching a bit I found this tool:

DH Mod tool V4 

This program modifies certain files from the Catalyst driver set so you can install the latest catalyst set on your laptop.

Ant it works, and really good. It is incredible that the manufactures do not deliver such possibility and that someone has to hack the stuff to get it working.

The other point is that I have an HP notebook, a HP docking station and HP monitor and I can’t have all those things working correctly all together; usb replication is not working correctly, and display can’t switch correctly resolution when switching from notebook display to monitor. A pity!!!