Microsoft just released the new version of ASP.NET AJAX as Beta, there are going out of the CTP cycles.

With ASP.NET AJAX, developers can quickly create pages with rich, responsive UI and more efficient client-server communication by simply adding a few server controls to their pages. This new Web development technology from Microsoft integrates cross-browser client script libraries with the ASP.NET 2.0 development framework. ASP.NET AJAX provides developers building client-based Web experiences with a familiar development process and programming model that they already know from using server-side ASP.NET development. Because ASP.NET AJAX is integrated with ASP.NET, developers have full access to the built-in ASP.NET 2.0 application services and the entire .NET Framework.

ASP.NET AJAX is not just for ASP.NET developers. Developers targeting other server frameworks can take advantage of the Microsoft AJAX Library and reap the productivity benefits it provides. The Microsoft AJAX Library is a standalone collection of the standards-based Javascript classes included in ASP.NET AJAX. It’s supported by most popular browsers and can be used to build client-centric Web applications that integrate with any backend data provider.

With its integrated, multi-browser support, uniform client programming model and powerful server controls, ASP.NET AJAX makes incorporating AJAX functionality into Web sites, big or small, simpler than ever before. To see how some companies have already done this, visit the ASP.NET AJAX showcase. To see what features are currently available in the Beta, refer to the details on the Feature Matrix page.

If you’re transitioning applications built with the earlier “Atlas” CTPs to the ASP.NET AJAX Beta, we’ve provided a [Migration Guide]( Guide.doc) to help you get going quickly. You’ll also want to know about new features in the Beta and changes from the earlier CTPs to the Beta. We’ve prepared a detailed whitepaper that describes these changes and how to migrate your applications successfully. Read the Changes between the ASP.NET AJAX (“Atlas”) CTP and the v1.0 Beta Release whitepaper which is also available as a Word document and a PDF document.

I hope that it is running well with Webparts now.