As previously announced in this post: “Microsoft
Announces CodeZone!
“,  Tech
Head Brothers
, my French portal about Microsoft .NET technologies, will be
part of Codezone.  Today for the first time I am able to see what this
means to be a part of the Codezone program.

As you can see in the option dialog of the Visual Studio 2005 help, you will
be able to choose from a list of currently 28 world wide community web sites (we
are 32nd - at the end, as far as I can remember).

And Tech Head Brothers is in the list. Great!!!

When doing a search you will get results from the various community sites
that participate in Codezone.
For example a search about gzip returns two
articles from Tech Head Brothers: one from me and one from Mathieu.

This has been in place for a while but had not been working on my VPC because
(Thanks Doug ;) my
clock was not set correctly. It has to be set within 7 minutes of the
corresponding time i.e. present time.

For more information on what I am talking about read: “What
is Codezone Community Search?