Great news from Jetbrains tonight with the launch of the
ReSharper 2.0 EAP started. You can download the version for Visual Studio 2003
and Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 and VS 2005 June CTP are supported on this
. I can’t work anymore without that tool . There is for sure some
refactoring capabilities in Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2, but it is far from
being enough.

Build 201 (Changes from ReSharper

  • Support of Visual Studio 2005 (Beta 2 and June CTP are currently
    Support of C# 2.0 constructs (for Visual Studio 2005) - not all constructs
    are properly supported yet
    Support of ASP.NET - in progress, not all features work properly
    New preprocessor directives handling (no errors caused by use of
    preprocessor directives anymore!)
[On-the-fly Code


  • New warning highlightings: redundant ‘as’ type cast; redundant empty
    constructor; sealed member in sealed class; new virtual member in ….; ‘new’
    modifier is missing; redundant ‘new’ modifier; redundant boolean comparison;
    redundant qualifiers; local or parameter hides member; empty control statement
    More syntax errors highlighted
    Lots of new quickfixes
    Quickly enable/disable highlighting for particular file (Ctrl+8**)
Live Templates
  • Support for templates sharing, import/export, etc
    “Create template from selection” feature
Code Formatter
  • Line wrapping
    Code style settings: support for sharing, import/export
  • Unit tests support (NUnit, csUnit, TeamTest tests are supported)
    “Go to Symbol” feature - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N** (the same as
    Ctrl+N** and Ctrl+Shift+N** but navigates
    to all types and members)
    Quick-documentation feature (Ctrl+Q**) shows popup with
    documentation for symbol under caret (also works within doc-comment to show
    presentable form of it)
    File structure view with reqions, drag&drop etc
    Mouse-click on implements/overrides/hides gutter icons to navigate
    Rename refactoring suggests to rename overloaded methods
    Rename refactoring suggests to rename the corresponding property when
    renaming field and vise versa
    Code completion after dot shows indexers
    Code completion in namespace declarations

You can check the whole plan for ReSharper 2.0 on
this page