End of April, I was invited by Microsoft France (Thanks to Pierre and Mitsu) to speak about the solution,
based on Word 2003, I developed to publish content on my web site Tech Head Brothers. The day was
called “Rencontres Solutions Métiers sur Office” and was held in Strasbourg,
France. Tech Head Brothers was
even a partner for that event.

So I arrived in Strasbourg by car and met Mitsu. We prepared my notebook to
be able to make the presentation. It was a nightmare to install his wifi pcmcia
card on my notebook but after several trials it was working, but the connection
was low. The goal of my presentation was to show the tool but to also make a
live presentation of the publishing side of the tool with a live secured web
service post to the site using WS-Security, WS-Policy, DIME attachment…

One of the other difficulties was that my web site was under attack since the
weekend before the event. It was not crashing but on heavy load. It is really
bad for such a presentation. But it went even worse…

After the pause it was our turn. Mitsu started his 30 minutes presentation
and I was sitting on his left, trying to set my notebook to the resolution of
the beamer that we forgot to set during the pause. After some parameterization I
thought it was ok. So I was carefully listening to Mitsu presentation. Five
minutes before my turn, I thought I missed one configuration for the beamer so I
changed something, clicked apply, and boom, blue screen, on stage. At least it
was not the screen shown on the beamer. I tell you in such condition you feel
the adrenaline pumping up. So I quickly rebooted my machine prepared again demo,
and at the time I was ready it was my turn to speak. After showing the
Powerpoint presentation I made about the architecture of the tool, I started the
demo, with lots of fear, because the wifi was showing low - very low and switch
again and again. But believe it or not at the time I clicked the publish button,
with finger crossed it worked. Then I could show the attendee the article
directly on Tech Head Brothers : Windows
Forms : développement d’un TabControl sans onglets…
 Then Mitsu
continued his speech. And one minute after that IO had the wifi going from very
low to disconnected. :-)

Some times the demo god is with you, and that was such a day