I updated my Windows 2003 server with the latest Groove Virtual Office version 3.1a ( and now it doesn’t crash anymore at start time. I was told that this version supports Windows 2003 but I can’t find anything online saying so.

Why having it on a Windows 2003 Server ?

  1. I have one at home, it is used has a backup for some Groove Workspaces
  2. Integrating virtual office solutions with the Groove Web Services API

As described on the site, “The Groove Web Services API allows you to develop custom applications that integrate Groove Virtual Office workspace data and/or Groove platform services with external applications.”

Imagine a scenario where someone fill in a Web Form. The web site hosting the Web Form would then connect to a Groove Instance on a Server and save the data in a Workspace. The data would then be available to all user of the worksapce. Great !!! And that’s just a simple scenario.

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