I just started google to find out my NFOP article on Tech Head Brothers, and
guess what I found that again someone copied content from my site without asking
me and without any reference to the original author, in that case me.

I really hate that, I mean you spend time to create a website, to devlop it,
to produce content, ok because you like that, but at least there should be a
minimum respect about that.

So here is my original article:
basé sur NFop
Génération de fichier PDF avec .NET.

And here is the copy:
Comment générer un pdf à partir
d’un fichier Word Doc en ASP.net?

If you haven’t seen on the bottom of all Tech Head Brothers pages there
is a copyright !!! On the site all articles are
copyrighted by there author, and the whole site is also

Surfing on the site that is copying my article, I could find a name: Patrice
 and emails:
harmegniesp@tiscalinet.be hpph.net@tiscali.be
even a

If you find that way of copying not normal, please email

that person to tell him to stop doing so. Thanks for your support.

Thanks to Didier
for his support.