**Groove Virtual Office added to lineup of Microsoft Office System
products, servers and services
**Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) today
announced it will acquire Groove Networks, a leading provider of collaboration
software for the ‘virtual office’. The deal unites two top technology innovators
that help geographically distributed work groups be as productive as those that
work in a single physical location. Financial terms of the acquisition were not

[Read the press release](/PressRelease.cfm?pagename=Press_Mar102005)
[Customer FAQ](/link?pagename=ms_faq)
[Microsoft PressPass interview](http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/features/2005/mar05/03-10GrooveQA.asp) with Jeff Raikes and Ray Ozzie

That’s something I was saying at the minute I saw the first time Virtual

Ok, first step is to have Virtual Office in the Office System.
The next step is to have it at the OS level. Imagine scenarios using distributed
workspace in which you are able to add user easily, to share content on a peer
to peer basis with all workspace’s users, to communicate with voice over ip,
presence, messaging… Now add to this the power of WinFS or Msn Deskbar, and
integrate it in the OS with look and feel of longhorn. My opinion is that
it will absolutely change the way people are working together. A revolution is