This morning I woke up at 4:30 AM, and could not sleep anymore, so I decided to work on my publishing tool for my site Tech Head Brothers. I finally managed to publish directly from Word 2003 in a secure way.
The website expose a publishing web service that uses WS-Policy, to specify that it needs Signature and Encryption using a X.509 certificate. When the user hit the publish button, the tool:

  1. Transform the XML generated by Word 2003, e.g. to include pictures, colorize source code...
  2. Zip the XML document and all referenced files (pictures, zip)
  3. Attach the zip file using DIME to the SOAP context
  4. Add signature and encryption to the SOAP context
  5. Call the web service

Adding the WS-Policy to your web service is just a matter of some configuration using WSE 2.0 SP1, when you specify the correct certificates ;-)
Now I am able to get back to Word 2003 article’s categories, publish, update articles and that without leaving Word 2003. Really cool !!!