In this version we now have:

  • a toolbar hosting Preview, Zip, Post plugin
  • a dropdown connecting to a web service at first click to get back the articles categories, used before posting
  • a web service to post the article using DIME

Internal changes:

  • everything is configured in a config file now
  • XML Schema is associated with Word at runtime, read from config file
  • All source code colorization is done through configured properties

Here is a picture of Word 2003 with the toolbar:

I am still facing an issue. I am able to read configuration files from the assembly, but when I want to deserialize one part of my configuration file I get an exception saying: “There is an error in XML document” and the inner exception is “Security error”. It seems to be a French problem cause I could find someone having the same issue in the newsgroup, here. I emailed Peter Torr that replied to this newsgroup message, I hope ot get an answer and a solution ;)