After beta testing Groove 3.0 for a certain time on a Virtual PC with non productive data and after it final release of yesterday, I decide to upgrade. I have two computer and on each I have two differents Groove account. On my server the update worked perfectly but on my notebook I have issues with one of my account that doesn’t update. I am waiting feedback from the support of Groove to solve my issue. And for sure it is with my business account. They will fix it for sure. Be positive.

In another area I installed Firefox and Thunderbird. I am using Thunderbird only to acces newsgroups, but I am really convinced about it, and it will certainly replace outlook express, after some more test. Concerning Firefox, it is really cool, and I jumped from Maxthon (new name for MyIE2) to it and uninstalled Maxthon and MyIE2. I am happy that my site Tech Head Brothers renders right on it.