Finally it is online!!! After some weeks of work I managed to have the new version of my site online. The change was initiated by my hoster because they will not support anymore .NET Framework 1.0 by 1st of September.

Basically here are the changes:

  • .NET Framework 1.1 usage

  • RSS Feed for all contents: Articles, How To, News.

  • PDF creation for all articles

  • New logo, I am not a designer so… I hope it is ok :)

But the biggest changes where done internally:

  • InfoPath usage to post News

  • Word XML to write articles

  • nFop usage to generate articles

  • Added a cache to the XML Web Service client (a tool to get content from other site)

  • And certainly more that I cannot remember.

Visit the site here and please let me know what you thing about it in the comments, thanks!