If you do have Microsoft Source Analysis Tools for C# and JetBrains ReSharper 4.0 installed in you development environment than you might get issue when you run your unit tests through ReSharper Unit Test Explorer and Sessions. As you can read on my bug report feedback:

There is known problem in StyleCop, which prevents build system of VS to report any progress. Unit Testing waits for project to be built. You can switch building to “Never” on Session toolbar and build manually, or uninstall StyleCop

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Today I was facing the following issue. I have an indexing system (read more here, here and here) using Lucene.Net that is working quite good. The drawback of the current implementation was that I couldn’t filter any to be indexed property decorated with the attribute. For example if I had a string property of my domain holding HTML, I wasn’t able to remove the HTML out of the string before indexing it.

I scratch my head some time, and finally came to a pragmatic solution.

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This nice project is hosted on Codeplex  and you can have a demo on the following page. And for sure as all project on Codeplex you get full access to the source code.

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Unable to start debugging! The silverlight managed debugging package isn’t installed.

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Today working on the development of a website I had the following user story to develop “As an author I want to be able to add a lightbox/darkbox around my content in Live Writer”.

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First you need to un-install the Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1 SDK from the build server! Then you can download the Microsoft Silverlight Tools Beta 2 for Visual Studio 2008 and extract it on the server, there you will find the file silverlight_sdk.msi, that will allow you to install Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 SDK.

Now if you followed my post MSBuild and Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1 running in Team City, then you know about the issue:

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