Today at Innoveo Solutions  I work on CSS and XHTML for our Skye® product.

I am using JetBrains  IntelliJ 9 since a couple of weeks now and I enjoy it very much.

I am always searching for tools which make me more productive in my daily work. IntelliJ 9 is such a tool. And today I have used a feature that helped me a lot.

I started with a CSS I received with that definition


If you take care you will see the underline under margin and background, when you place the cursor over you get the following info


Then you can press ALT-Enter to get an action that you can execute; “optimize margin properties”


So when you execute the action for margin and background you get the following optimized result


You might read more about the CSS capabilities of JetBrains IntelliJ 9 on the following blog.